X10 ECU Power Adjustable Bed Controller - Wholesale Dealer Clearance

$500.00 USD$1,000.00 USD

Special Buy: Only 4 controllers left! You can choose between two versions of this product, Non-Integrated Pendant (must be configured by you) for only $500, OR Fully-Integrated Pendant (completed by us) for $1,000.

Allows you to raise and lower both head and feet by voice control with the VoiceIR (Voice Me) Environmental Controller or with an ability switch...

  • Dealer or Self Integrated PendantDealer or Self Integrated Pendant
  • Invacare Integrated Pendant Included - Linak HB 43-02Invacare Integrated Pendant Included - Linak HB 43-02
$500.00 USD
Hurry, only 1 left in stock!