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MPOWR 2nd Gen Add-a-Reel Kit for your Rod

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New 2nd Generation Kit redesigned by Broadened Horizons to utilize the latest Lithium-Ion Technology delivering High Torque in a very power dense package. We also upgraded the Fishing Reel with new more durable High-Torque Gears to match the control harness and power delivery system capabilities.

MPowR'ing ANY mobility impaired angler to fish! Simply plug in any of 30 different Ability Switches (available separately from Broadened Horizons) appropriate for the angler's abilities: push button, foot pedal, the wink of an eye, twitch of finger, or a puff of air.

An improved M-POW-R REEL® with new more durable High-Torque Gears is matched with Broadened Horizons’ latest Lithium Lead Phosphate Battery technology.

Nate Kehr, using this new battery, in August of 2019, over the course of four days of intense Walleye fishing (catching 50-100 Walleyes/day), never had to recharge this battery.

This is a 12v 3aH Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery. It’s the size of two cigarette packs and can fit in a large pocket, a fanny pack or on a boat seat.

Optionally, add the new 2nd Gen High-Torque Speed Controller which offers true pulse width modulation technology to maintain maximum possible torque even at slower speeds.


  • MPOWR Electric Powered Reel with 2nd Spool so you can have two different size test lines pre-spooled to maximize your time on the water.
  • Accessible Switch Enabled Control Harness featuring a built-in rugged, ultra-sensitive Roughneck Pushbutton with auditory feedback. Qty 8 8" zip ties included in each kit. 1" 3M double-side tape on bottom of control switch resists sliding and rotation about rod.


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