Inclusive Living is a Nonprofit member of our Inclusive Alliance.
Staffed by disabled persons who provide FREE Inclusive Living Assessments, Solution Design, and Implementation Management services for mobility impaired disabled persons.
  • Veterans
  • Medicaid Waiver Recipients - Developmental Disability, Community Integrated Living, Senior, etc.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Discuss your needs with to determine if you qualify for:
  1. Environmental Home Modifications - entryway ramp, power door opener with video security, threshold ramps, roll-in shower, kitchen modifications, stair lift or elevator, bedroom ceiling lift, and more
  2. Vehicle Modifications such as a lowered floor with wheelchair ramp, wheelchair lift, transfer seat, and hand controls. Experts who themselves Drive from their wheelchair will guide you to find the best wheelchair conversion for you: Trucks, SUV, Minivan, or even Motorcycle! Individuals who cannot qualify for a full driver's license, but could drive safely around their local community at less than 30 mph frequently don't realize there are Wheelchair Moped Trikes and Mini Wheelchair Community Cars available.
  3. Communications - home and mobile phone, nurse call intercom, emergency dialers that work even when power and Internet is down, computer or tablet, etc. 
  4. Environmental controls to independently control everything in your home by voice, touch, or the wink of an eye including TV & entertainment, computer, mobile phone, tablet, lighting, exterior, interior, sliding, and garage doors, power adjustable bed, thermostat, fireplace, windows, drapes, and more.
  5. Tuition Assistance and Educational Accommodations at school, at home, or in a dormitory - all levels from a elementary or high school IEP (Independent Education Plan) to College and University, possibly even an advanced Master's or Doctoral degree. Wheelchair Mount for Laptop or Tablet charged or powered from wheelchair batteries, Powered Height Adjustable Ergonomic Wheelchair and Standing Desks, Typing by Voice Dictation, Adapted Mouse Controllers, Access to Mobile Phone Both in Wheelchair and Bed.
  6. Accommodations to Work from Home (Telework) - Consulting, Coaching, and Training, to be a Teleworker, Self-employed or Start & Setup your own business provided by disabled persons who do this themselves! Powered Height Adjustable, Ergonomic Wheelchair and Standing Desks, Adaptive Mouse Controllers, Typing by Voice Dictation, Professional, Multi-line Business Speakerphones, Adapted Vehicle, travel for work, - Access itself is not enough, success requires efficiency even if you're only lying in bed!

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