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Community Based Rehabilitation Programs Around the World 
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Tax Exemption

Internationally, almost all of Broadened Horizons products are exempt from tax including VAT, GST, HST in most countries under customs harmonization code 9817.00.96 "Articles specially designed or adapted for the use or benefit of the blind or physically handicapped persons".  However, Broadened Horizons has no influence on your country's customs officials if they decide a product does not qualify under HS Code 9817.0 0.96. Customer is responsible for any import duties or taxes imposed by your country. If you are charged such fees, ask about possible exemption status as you may qualify for a refund.

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Choose a Local Phone number from the chart below, dial it and the extension. You will be connected to Broadened Horizons Sales via Skype.

Country Local Phone # Ext. Our Skype
Denmark, Denmark +(45)699-18437 898 bh.sales
El Salvador, El Salvador +(503)211-31740 891 bh.sales
Tallinn, Estonia +(372)668-1438 423 bh.sales
Vilnius, Lithuania +(370)520-58958 492 bh.sales
Luxembourg, Luxembourg +(352)202-03277 608 bh.sales
Oslo, Norway +(47)210-18989 972 bh.sales
Bratislava, Slovakia +(421)233-002673 522 bh.sales
Dublin, Ireland +(353)152-62842 703 bh.sales
Tel Aviv, Israel +(972)372-19475 443 bh.sales
Brussels, Belgium +(32)280-81777 763 bh.sales
Athens, Greece +(30)211-1768417 394 bh.sales
Madrid, Spain +(34)911-871504 675 bh.sales
Toronto (647), Canada +(1)647-7228842 431 bh.sales
Sydney, Australia +(61)280-148270 757 bh.sales
Sydney, Australia +(61)280-148270 758 bh.sales
Warsaw (22), Poland +(48)223-988226 298 bh.sales
Stockholm, Sweden +(46)852-503455 541 bh.sales
Zurich (43), Switzerland +(41)435-005984 904 bh.sales
Buenos Aires, Argentina +(54)115-0314713 329 bh.sales
Lima, Peru +(51)170-85530 764 bh.sales
Vienna, Austria +(43)720-880227 871 bh.sales
Prague, Czech Republic +(420)246-019961 776 bh.sales
Helsinki, Finland +(358)942-599687 579 bh.sales
Budapest, Hungary +(36)180-88228 825 bh.sales
Antofagasta (55), Chile +(56)555-32508 445 bh.sales
Bayamon, Puerto Rico +(1)787-2007818 666 bh.sales
Cape Town, South Africa +(27)213-002317 671 bh.sales


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