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Nurse Call Sip / Puff / Bite on Head-of-Bed Mattress Mount for Facilities

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Works with ANY bed including powered height adjustable hospital beds by simply sliding under head or side of the bed mattress. No special installation! Move quickly from bed to bed and perfectly meets needs of individuals with upper extremity limitations to use conventional nurse call activators.

Can be used as Single Function or Dual Function with the flip of a switch. Single Function means any action, a sip, a puff, or a bite will all activate the nurse call system. Dual Function means while a sip activates the Nurse Call system, a puff can be used to activate an additional auxiliary items such as Landline & Mobile Speakerphones, ECU Environmental Controls, Wireless Intercom, Wireless Remote Assistance Call Chime when moving home, and any other ability switch activated device.


  • Sip, Puff, or Bite Nurse Calls switches with 1/4" Mono Male Jack on 5ft. wire. (special order with alternative 3-9 pin nurse call system plugs)
  • 3rd Arm Flex 52 Inch Bed Mattress Mount
  • Silver-Ion Lined anti-contamination pneumatic tubing
  • 10 Screw-on Disposable Anti-Contamination Mouthpieces with dual Hydrophobic and HEPA rated filter elements
  • 10 Disposable Bite Bulbs

Optionally add our Camelbak based H2O Independent Metered Hydration System.

Optionally upgrade to add our popular QuadMouse, Housemate ECU, Fortissimo Switch Scanning Speakerphone, TalkIR Voice Dialing Speakerphone, Communicator Bluetooth Speakerphone for Mobile Phones, ClicktoPhone for Android Mobile Phones, Head Gamer, Versatility Game Control System, iPad or Android tablets with our unique Mouthstick, or Amazon Kindle Page Turner Robotic Switch Interface, and many other devices you need to get positioned up near your mouth or head when you are lying in bed.

Documentation for Care Professionals

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