Self-Serve Limited Dexterity Lightweight Dinner Plate with custom, semi-rigid plastic Handle

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Will not heat up or melt in the microwave

Independently lift a prepared dinner out of a refrigerator (ideally with a roll out tray) and place it into a microwave.

Perfect lifted using the PowerGrip Assisted Grasp Orthosis or with a fist with contracted fingers, wrist rotated in a supinated palm-up position

Can help extend the time from morning until bedtime (up to an additional 7 hours, i.e. 5PM - 12AM)* that a PowerGrip or other limited dexterity user is able to stay at home alone without a caregiver needing to show up just to help get dinner. 

*Additional Independent Living tools to stay Home Alone may be needed to achieve these additional hours of daily independence. A Wireless Leg Bag Emptier to self manage bladder between caregiver visits, access to a microwave, possibly with a pull-out cutting board, and access to a Refrigerator, possibly with a pull-out tray.

An Emergency Dialer, Power Door Opener to safely exit in an emergency, and Front Door Security Camera would also be highly recommended when staying home alone.

Optional - This plate is Perfect paired with our Independent Living Accessible Kitchen in a Box Wheelchair-Friendly Food Preparation Module with Power Rising Smart Convection Oven & Microwave, plus Pull-Out Dual-Burner Induction Cooktop, plus Pull-Out Cutting Board / Cooling Rack / Dine-While-Its-Hot Tray designed to build into any kitchen island or wall cabinet.

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