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Single Sensor Switch

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Get creative, this Muscle Twitch Switch is activated by any small muscle movement. It can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of movement needed to activate it.

Common methods of activating the sensor include raising an eyebrow, wrinkling the fore-head, clenching the jaw (sensor on platysma/clavicle), wiggling a shoulder, flexing the Brachioradialis muscle just below the elbow for C5 quadriplegics, slightly bending a finger, or anything else you can move - even wiggling your ear! Tape a sensor to your desk, table, or any other object and by tapping or touching it it becomes a huge environmentally integrated switch!

The Single Sensor Switch operates in three modes: latched, momentary and timed. Use the latched mode when operating a device that needs to remain on until the user wants to turn it off; the momentary mode when operating a phone, video game, order switch adapted device; and the timed mode when operating a device that you want to stay on for a pre-set period of time (adjustable from 1 to 120 seconds). Extra sensors for multiuser environments or replacements are available separately.


Requires one 9 volt Battery.

Returns incur a 20% restocking fee for sanitary reasons.

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