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Talkfar Wireless Voice Recognition USB Microphone, Headphones, & Skype PC Phone

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USB plug-and-play driverless simplicity. Lightweight, egg sized hangs comfortably around neck below chin for voice recognition, VOIP phone, and chat digital quality Superior to Bluetooth! Enables users to dictate, use powerful gaming voice commands for gaming or environmental control, or talk on the phone from anywhere inside or even outside the home. Replacement for our former Bluetooth headset voice-recognition package.

Enables Voice-Recognition, Voice Control, and Voice Activation hanging comfortably around neck from included lanyard. Optionally use included headphones for simultaneously listen to music or watching a movie without disturbing voice-recognition! New, cutting-edge high-bandwidth fully-duplexed wireless connectivity lets you effortlessly work, play, & communicate with no cables to get in the way. Turns any computer into an accessible wireless phone! Works with computer based VOIP & audio conferencing applications for private conversations! Requires either Internet connection or use your computer's modem as a landline telephone controlled by your favorite voice-recognition application.


  • Egg-sized Microphone designed for Voice Recognition hangs comfortably around neck on included lanyard
  • Listen to music wirelessly while or watch a movie while dictating or using voice control at the same time!
  • Remotely control most popular media player applications and Volume up/down with three buttons on top front
  • Digital Wireless Range up to 100 Feet (30m)
  • Simple, driver-free USB Plug & Play setup of 2.4GHz Transmitter on PC & Mac
  • True Digital, Non-Compressed, Noise-Free, robust CD-quality
  • Stream sound wirelessly through walls and ceilings.
  • Digital diversity antenna with GSFK Modulation guarantees dropout-free reception.
  • Includes comfortable dynamic sound Ear Canal Ear-Bud Headphones (or use your favorites with standard 3.5mm jack)
  • Includes internal Lithium Polymer batteries providing four hours of constant use which can be conveniently recharged from PC's USB port

Other Voice Recognition Applications

Example Phone / VOIP / Voice Chat Applications


Skype turns your computer with the 100' Wireless Microphone and high-speed Internet connection into an inexpensive wireless phone & service. Alternative to Skype, ViaTalk works with the X-Lite free Softphone to place an answer calls from your computer without needing an expensive adapted telephone plus any phone you already have for other family members.

For completely hands-free, voice controlled cell phone and landline phones solutions see Communications

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