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Training & Setup Support with Broadened Horizons' Guru

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Personalized 1-on-1 training and setup support from an Inclusive Inc. assistive technology professional, many  of them are disabled persons themselves utilizing the same assistive technologies, to help you get your new equipment setup and operating faster, easier, with better results, and less frustration.

We consider the unique specifics of:

  • your environment and room layout
  • devices you wish to control
  • your abilities, knowledge, and past experience

We provide a personal one-on-one experience utilizing, Skype, or Google Hangouts 

over the phone, by Skype, or remote control of your computer, phone or tablet we are able to hear and see problems as they occur and provide immediate feedback and coaching help you improve the quality of your interactions and utilization of your assistive technology. For specific or unique goals, we are able to suggest advanced tips and techniques.

International customers receive the same level of top quality training and support.

IMPORTANT: Training is performed directly with the assistive technology end-user. A family member, friend, or aide may be needed to push buttons. This helper does not need any special knowledge or experience, only patience and the ability to follow specific instructions. A general technical aptitude is helpful.

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