The Visionary Command Center Team Workstation for 2, 3, or 4 Users for Schools, libraries, Internet cafés - Broadened Horizons Direct

The Visionary Command Center Team Workstation for 2, 3, or 4 Users for Schools, libraries, Internet cafés

Command Center
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3 or 4 multiuser ergonomic and ADA compliant workstation featuring

  • Windows Multipoint Server 2010 designed specifically for multiuser academic workstations!
  • Simple setup from box to operational of BOTH desk and powerful computer access for 4 users in less than 1 hour!
  • LARGE 23"/24" or 28" LCD Displays
  • Facilitates teamwork and collaboration while maintaining privacy if desired
  • Efficient and cost-effective - pays for itself many times over
    • Small space footprint saves on facilities costs (recommend calculating cost per square foot for facilities)
    • Maintenance of only one machine means huge lifetime labor cost savings!
    • Only 1 power outlet or optional UPS required - saves energy and the environment
  • FULLY INCLUSIVE, not only ADA compliant!

28" LCD Display upgrade $150 per user

Manually Height Adjustable Legs for 2, 3, or 4 users

  • Adjustable Height from 25" to 36.8" on wings, 28" to 39.8" center

Powered height adjustable legs for 3 users (4 users possible but not recommend)

  • Desk wing's height adjust from 22.5" to 48.5" (Add 3.5" for top center section)
Pull-Out Keyboard Tray $39 (recommended under top center section only)
Attaches under desk center section occupying 4"
For those who prefer the keyboard in a lower position, economically positions keyboard just above lap
Round bottom front edge easy to hook and pull out for those with limited dexterity
Storage Drawers $99 per user
Keep your desktop neat and organized!
2" Deep to hold lots of miscellaneous supplies
Specify under Center Section, Left or Right Wing, Both Wings, Center Section & 1 Wing, or all three locations
Can be used in combination with White Leg Trays
White Desk Leg Tray $29.95 per user
1 Included, up to 8 optional on Manually Height Adjustable or Standard Height Legs Only. Uniquely pivots around desk leg, swinging under desk hiding misc. office supplies from view. Universally accessible with no dexterity required making trays perfect for quadriplegics.

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