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VoiceIR 1 Year Warranty Extension (from 1 Year to 2 Years)

Broadened Horizons
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Backed up by Broadened Horizons directly means no third parties to deal with! No one else you must call and wait on hold for, no forms to fill out, no delays. If there is an issue we get it taken care of right away.

Broadened Horizons manufacturing partner of the VoiceIR Environmental Voice Controller (Voice Me) is located in Asia. Warranties are not part of Asian consumer culture. Rather than building warranty into the purchase price of the hardware, Broadened Horizons chose to make it optional - though highly recommended. Since we could not generate interest from large companies like Squaretrade specializing in warranty extensions (however only focusing on mass-market), we opted to back up the product ourselves.

Since we have confidence in our products, you will note the VoiceIR Warranty Extension is about 1/2 or 50% the cost of similar value warranty extensions from companies like Best Buy.

Simply COVERS EVERYTHING! (Except of course physical damage or mishandling)

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