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Power2Go Automotive Wheelchair Charger 5A

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Conveniently charge your wheelchair from your automobile's cigarette lighter socket. The only other automotive wheelchair charger on the market only supports 2 Amps which means to charge a large power chair with two Group 24, 70 amp hour batteries you would literally have to to drive around for something like 35 hours. Most 120 V wheelchair charger's that you plug in at home charge at 8 Amps, so does the Power2Go Automotive Wheelchair Charger! Charger Input Voltage = 12 VDC. Output Voltage = 24 VDC (27.5 VDC output at 14V input). Handles up to 10 Amp spike current draws. Durable and attractive red aluminum enclosure and heavy duty wires handle rough environment of wheelchair accessible vans. RECOMMENDATIONS & PRECAUTIONS ONLY use when engine is running to avoid draining your battery. Most automobile cigarette lighter sockets are rated and fused to handle up to 10 Amps, Always check with your car's dealer if you are unsure or concerned about its capacity or blowing a fuse. Safety Fuse: Replace with 10 A, 12 A, or 15 A glass cylindrical automotive AGC style fuse available at any auto parts store Avoid ANY water or moisture intrusion into the enclosures through small ventilation holes on the sides

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