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Wireless Nurse-Call Chime - 2 Big Fist Button Transmitters

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Baby monitors are for infants, request assistance with dignity.

  • Wireless Assistance Requests Chime requires NO INSTALLATION
  • TWO Big Button Transmitters for bed and wheelchair, etc. with 1 Wireless Receiver
  • Simple white design will blend with decore of your home office.
  • Ample range of approximately 50 Feet from the transmitter.
  • Wirless unit consumes very little power and AA Alkaline Batteries may last as long as a year.
  • Provides high quality tone signal.
  • Receiver may be placed almost anywhere while.
  • Suitable For Homes, Office Buildings, take on vacation with you for Hotel, wherever a nurse call / assistance requested time is needed.



  • Place pushbutton transmitter on bed or nightstand - includes optional double-sided tape.
  • Protect pushbutton transmitter from rain or moisture.
  • Open Receiver Chime battery compartment and install 3 AA Batteries. Install 1 included 12-Volt battery in the pushbutton transmitter.
  • The Receiver Chime can be placed anywhere indoors.
  • If Unit Stops Operating Replace Batteries.
  • Receiver Chime and Pushbutton Transmitter frequency must match, if any problems check frequency on the back of both units.
  • FC And ROHS Approved

    Note: Each Transmitter and Receiver are a pair. Under the cover they have a label identifying the channel they are set to. Any dot above the channel number(s) is important. It is possible to assign a second transmitter/receiver pair the same channel as a first transmitter/receiver pair so either transmitter activates both receivers. To do so, using a soldering iron add/remove solder jumpers to the 3x8 pin array so that the solder jumpers match on all the desired transmitters and receivers (or Broadened Horizons can do this for you).