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Intercom Wireless Portable Indoor/Outdoor - Black Push-to-Talk

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Weather-resistant wireless portable intercom that provides convenient and expandable communication inside and outside your home. This non-switch enabled unit is best used for family members and care attendants with full finger dexterity to push and hold the button while they are speaking. A switch enabled version of this Black push-to-talk unit is available (see related items) for disabled individuals able to push and hold an Ability Switch while they are speaking.
Respond to others using any of the 3 Intercom models: 4 Channel Desktop Intercom, the White Hands-Free intercom (used at front door or for disabled individuals such as in their bedroom), or another of this Black Push-to-Talk units.
Initiate conversations with others using the 4 Channel Desktop Intercom, or another of this Black Push-to-Talk units. It is NOT possible to initiate a conversation with someone using the White Hands-Free intercom.
  • Weather-resistant for use indoors or outdoors
  • 1 Button Simplicity and Easy to use - installs in minutes
  • 1,000 foot range with no wires or power connection required
  • Crystal clear, secure 900MHz digital communication
  • Fully secure connection
  • Expansion with additional units (up to 64 per network) can enhance your home's communication to multiple locations
  • 2-year battery life; requires four AA batteries per unit (not included)
  • 1-year warranty
  • 1 Unit, Requires at least 1 other intercom units. Compatible with Wireless Portable Push-to-Talk 4-Channel with VOX Intercoms, Push-to-Talk Black Intercoms, and Hands-free Chime with 30 sec Timeout White Intercom model.
  • Black model offers Push-to-Talk (Hold down button while speaking.)
  • Alternative White model offers Chime with Hands-Free 30 second Timeout Perfect for use with a momentary ability switch such as sip or puff. Pushing the button rings a chime on other intercoms, when someone answers channel stays open for 30 seconds of hands-free communication without needing to continue holding down the button (must wait 1 minute before reactivating).

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